Doesn’t sound that hard does it?
Be a good person. Do no harm. Tell your mother you love her. Don’t take shit.
But other than these bargain basement first date lines, could you articulate your inner statements? Those ones that make you stand up and act?

Got you thinking don’t I…

What if I asked you what your values where? (I did over here! Check out that post!)

Would it make you pause and think? Or could you rattle them off, like an Apple employee who thinks you’re a secret shopper?

How about…

If I asked your friends or family to describe you. Not physically. #fabulous But to describe what drives you? What sets your heart on fire? What you would stand up for, or what doesn’t interest you.
Do you value their judgements?

Reference Your Source Material Ladies

Because before reading and listening to her, my first personal commandments where some first date, basic porridge, every millennial ever bull. #sobasic

So to make sure you don’t fall into the same basicness hole I did, here’s a little something something.

Starters to get you Going

My journey, my rules
Be the person who helps
Love yourself
Lighten up
You do you
Not my circus, not my monkeys
Discipline is key
Own it, be accountable
Mouth closed, ears open

Your Turn

Write a list of all of the things that are important to you.
Use generic titles and compound nouns where you can #idon’tcare #startsmall

Family The Environment Self Care Your Community Learning
Mental & Physical Health Growth Honesty/Truth Integrity

Then put the list down
And don’t touch it for a week.
Talk to your friends, your colleagues, your mum #minesthebest about it. See what they think. See what they come up with. Hell if it’s good, steal that too.

Then come back.
See which ones make your face smile, head nod and heart swell.
Whether you have three or whether you have fifteen #calmdownpeoplepleaser it’s better then a week ago when you had nothing and weren’t sure when asked what drove you whether ‘A car?’ was the appropriate answer.

By having these articulated, you can start to identify why some opportunities, events, people or things just click.
And why some just don’t.
Because you have personal commandments baby.
And if things don’t align, you don’t play ball.

You do you with your new set of commandments boo.

Share your awesomness with me below and spread some of your awesomness like my new gf vegemite on gf toast.
Thickly and with intent

S x