The digital bohemian is one who’s exploration of life is not limited by time, place, technology nor community. We are bound in our lust for beauty found in all places, our desire to push further and knowledge that the world owes us nothing, but we owe it everything.

Shannon Beau

Hello Darlings,

My name is Shannon Beau and this is my little corner of the internet.

I live in South Australia, work as an arts educator with kids all day, so you’re right, my day job bloody rocks, and am about to start the editing process on my first manuscript as a hopefully one day soon published author. #soundsprettybossright

I live with my B and our pup Teaspoon who is our everything. We like to go exploring and adventuring as much as we can, especially if there is gf food involved. Lies, we hates the gf foods, but apparently being diagnosed coeliac a few years ago means I now have to live off things other then roadhouse steak sandwiches #adultingishard


I built this community to give you a place to breathe; to learn; to share.
You life as a digital nomad who restlessly roams the internet, searching for their tribe, a place to connect and be inspired is hopefully pausing to consume some of my awesomeness atm. #humblemuch

The Digital Bohemian is a place for you to meet like minded individuals, dedicated to a lifelong exploration of their creative passions. Those of us who explore not one medium but many to explore our lives. Who want to grow and ensure that the life we are living, is one by conscious design, and not an afterthought smeared across the window of your hurtling career path.

I’ve got you. You’re home.

Look around, comment if something I’ve said has struck a chord, download our free resources and share the love with others if you think they’d enjoy this little place too.

I want this place to be a community and I am so glad you’re here.

I see you
I am thankful for you
Now enjoy

Shannon x