My chins keep rolling, rolling, rolling, rolling, rolling roll ahh

Let’s start off easy

What is a Value, or Core Value

Core values are the fundamental beliefs of a person or organisation. These guiding principles dictate behaviour and can help people understand the difference between right and wrong. Core values also help companies to determine if they are on the right path and fulfilling their goals by creating an unwavering guide.

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Now why do you care?

Well, because when asked what mine where…. I couldn’t answer. I mean I could, I could rattle off some generic first date bull about honesty and integrity blah blah

Basically lines I’d heard others utter. #canlineforlineliloandstitch #ohanameansfamily

But for me? Like for real me?
I had never thought about it.

I could be quick to judge others actions or values and yet had never consciously thought about my own. #peanut #walkinanothersshoes

Would you go on Married at First Sight? Do a nude scene if you where an actor? Raise your kids vegan? Tell your colleague if their whoopsie cost you time and money? Be OK if a loved one chose to be euthanized?

If your values where Love, Expression, Sustainability, Honesty or Free Choice…. You just might have to do or face something like these scenarios one day.

Is it important to know your values?

I truly think so. Knowing my values has helped me learn to say No to opportunities, friends, events, or circumstances that did not serve me and my wants.
Those things that I know would cause me discomfort and would only be serving the needs of others.
It could be as simple as not joining in on gossip, or by purchasing a sustainable toothbrush. #integrity #beeswaxwrapsaremylife

Lets figure it out together

Still a little lost on what yours could be? Lets cheat #workingsmarternotharder

Grab a pen and paper, the notes function on your phone, the back of a receipt, or just a something where you can record to then reflect back on your answers.

CLICK HERE to access over 200 examples of what could possibly be your core value. #iknowright #nextlevelcheating

And write down every single one that means something to you

Truth time, first time around, I wrote down over 50

Then I sat and went through the list. And I scrapped those that where similar but I liked x language over y and I got down to maybe 15.

Here’s a sneak peek at my mid way point…


And this is what I found the hardest.

As if deciding right there and then would somehow be a lightning bolt change my life moment.

It wasn’t. But what it was, was still a pretty defining moment that is now embedded into each new project I undertake, new friendship I begin and use of my time.

I look at these words…. (I’ve got them on a post it note on my diary) as a reminder to not only push myself but to be true to myself
And I find it hard sometimes.
Because sometimes, it’s easier to #gowiththeflow and not #upsetthecarrotbus
But when you inevitably #crashandburn and wonder why?
Look at your Values. Did they align? Nope? #bingobangoyou’reapeanut

Take it slow.
Funnily enough this isn’t a race.
But through identifying, you can then start communicating and articulating why these are important to you.
Hell, then you might even take action.

Softly, Softly You

C’mon now, tell me

What Are Your 5 Values & How are they Reflected in Your Life?

Write in the comments below and let me shower you in love for sharing your authenticity with us all