Doesn’t sound right, does it?

We are constantly being told that if you’re not busy, you’re not trying hard enough. If your calendar isn’t bursting, what are you even doing.

And while that is all horrifying to me #recoveringbusyaddict, I want to ask you…. have you ever consciously considered your energy management?

What is Energy Management?

Energy Management is where you consciously make choices about your energy availability / output, dependent on the task or the jobs you have prepared for the day or week.

It is where you realise that while a task may be physically easy, such as ringing your parents, what it demands from your energy is not worth pursuing today, as your reserves are already low.
Sounds like a tomorrow job. #putyourhealthfirst

I am not suggesting you slow down or don’t show up. I am not saying punk out on your responsibilities nor make excuses.

What I am asking you to consider is

Are you giving your physical, emotional, spiritual and mental self the opportunity to process, recharge and reflect?

Or are you just go, go going?!

Let me ask you,
You ever woken up in the morning already exhausted at the jobs, problems, opportunities, and events in front of you?

That means you’re energy bucket is empty dude! What the even?!

Sometimes unplugging helps you to recharge, sometimes plugging in does.

However what I need you to realise is, you need to manage your energy.

No different to eat your veggies, get enough sleep, now add manage your energy.
Basic healthy #adulting stuff.

Things that can Take Little Time Investment, but be Major Energy Vampires

  • Taking on jobs, clients, roles or commitments that serve other peoples goals and not your own. Join your kids sports club to help out but now you’re running around more than they are? Took on a client that paid well but turned out to not align with your values and so caused you more stress then the gains you received?
  • Calling or visiting family or friends that you don’t feel make a return investment on you or yours. You know the ones. The ones that always talk about their lives, their struggles and how you couldn’t understand. It may only be an hour lunch, but it can leave you feeling drained and emotionally spent for days.
  • Not checking out at lunch. Or, not giving yourself a break during the day. It’s no big deal. 30 minutes where you keep working. That means you’re a productive ninja don’t it? Nope. Not allowing your body the time it needs to recharge and reflect is not only damaging, it negatively impacts on your productivity. #takeabreak

Here is a pretty cool thing for you to consider

Energy isn’t Measured in Time

Took me a little to get my head around. But it’s not wrong.

Energy is measured in results. And I am not talking gold star, trophy results. I am talking finally book that plumber and your tap is fixed.
I am talking about something that once done, fills and replenishes your energy.
Doesn’t deplete it.

Minimal Time but Major Energy Boost

Dependent on where you are, these will either fill or deplete you.
Ever noticed some days being around people fills you up and energises you? While other days, the thought of making eye contact with another human sends you under the table?
The below ideas are just like that. It depends on where you are in your adventure.

  • Errands chunked together. You know you’ve got 3 birthday’s to send cards for in April? Send them all at the same time, while popping next door to grab your groceries. #makingothershappymakesyouhappy
  • Observed a colleague having a #win? Leave them a post it note. You feel good for being a sharer of love, they feel noticed and appreciated.
  • 5 minute mental check in with yourself. Think before getting out of the car, while standing in the produce aisle, while in the bathroom. It don’t matter. Check in, high five yourself on your accomplishments so far, even if that looks like remembering to take the bins out, ensure you know what to do next and that you’re not running on autopilot, then get back out there you!

Focus On You

  • Be defensive about #metime. See what it’s called? Me Time. That doesn’t mean time spent in service for others. It’s spent in service of you #fillyourbucket. Whether reading, running, getting your hair done, consuming or creating. Replenish your energy bucket. By filling it with you.
  • If you’ve had a big week, sometimes that girls night can be more energy than what you’ve got left in your bucket. And if the thought of communicating that with your mates leaves you wanting to stick a fork in your eye, sometimes it’s easier to bail.
  • This is not a bad thing. This is an investment in you. Your energy bucket needs replenishing, and sometimes Netflix can do this more then being with your friends, especially if you’re a #fixer who likes to expel energy to support others buckets.
  • Communication. What works for you? Need to get in contact with x family or friend? Ring them? Text them? What works for you. Do it, tick it off your list, and know you reached out first because you’re just that good.

Look After Your Energy Management Boo

In case that didn’t permeate because you where too distracted; thinking who could I possibly be if not the one to fill others buckets.
I’ll try again.

Your Energy Bucket is Just as Important as Other Peoples

Am I getting through yet?

If you know you need a period of time on Sunday’s to prep, recharge and get ready for the coming week.

Protect that time & refill your energy bucket.

If you know that you can only manage seeing your family for a certain period of time? Stick to that period then bail.

Protect yourself and your energy bucket.

What refills your energy bucket?
Leave us some ideas in the comments below.

Have a fabulous day Darling,
Shannon x