Diversify your portfolio. Maximise your skills. Outsource your weaknesses. Cilos. Marketable Output. Synergy.

Bring to mind some smarmy business exec and send shivers down your spine?
Only me? #don’tfib

In a world where our side hustle is expected, our passions monetised and our time calculated, it is hard to know what and where, hell even when; to focus on you.

But if there is one thing alone I could encourage you, it would be to


Diversify your interests, your tastes, your tribes.

Your abilities and desire to learn.

Your skill set.

Trying new things is not you cheating on or letting down the old. It doesn’t make you a bad person. It doesn’t make you ungrateful. It does not make you look #flippityfloppity.

Diversifying your skills and interests is insurance.

Its a means to always be learning and growing as a human.

Does it mean you’ll make more $$?
If you want it to, why not?

Does it mean you’ll make more friends?
How can trying new things, not allow you the opportunity to meet new people and form new bonds.

Story Time

Recently I attended two classes held by Work-Shop Adelaide and they where fantastic. Run by Jaharn from Your Creative Start, (who was #amazeballs) the two classes where on

Launch Your Creative Business Like a Boss
& a
Instagram Masterclass

And truthfully I totes ummed and ahhed about attending.

Because it involved an investment of finances, time, travel and energy. And after a week back at school, I felt my energy bucket was empty, my travel bucket was hesitant and my finances bucket was finding every excuse to say no.

But I decided that even if I only took away one thing, it would be enough.

And honestly, I took away so much.

Not only did I meet some #bosswomen, learn a heap and start making some more concise action plans, I grew in my confidence as to my WHY, and was able to fill my energy bucket in the process. #alwaysawin

And even that in itself, that ability to see the diversification of #takehomes I got out of that day was a win for me.

Time to Take Stock

Before you rush off and sign up to the first class you see, take a moment to decide whether this investment you are about to make in yourself, aligns with the different goals in your life. (Not sure what your goals are? CLICK HERE for some tips and tricks on identifying and sticking to your own #bossgoals)

Think about whether all of the little investments you are making in YOU are for you as a person, or you the employee.

There is nothing wrong with investing in you the employee….

But when do you feed your soul?

When do you allow YOU to come out and play, and not just MR/MRS YOU.

Here are some of the things I have been investing time, money, effort and energy into over the past 12 months

Diversify Me

  • How to write a book – I watch countless YouTube vids, read more books and blogs then I should ever admit, because I want this to be a potential career for me one day. So I had better know my stuff! I’ve attended conferences, organised meet ups and grow my community to keep learning through various social media’s, because I enjoy being tapped in.
  • French – my school has a French exchange program and I would love to jump on board as one of the educators #salut
  • Sign Language – because why the hell not! I can do the alphabet and some very basic terms, but would like to broaden my skill set in this to be a better and more inclusive person
  • Hello Fresh – we signed up to this to not only watch our portion control, save some monies and eat healthier. But because I am a super lazy cook and this has made me learn and push my culinary abilities more then any cook book I’ve ever picked up
  • Self Improvement / Growth – I am devoting time to being uncomfortable. Sourcing where my negative emotions are coming from and attempting to identify what I can do to alter those narratives my gremlins replay for me. Ive got the books, podcasts, mentors, time and energy. And I am working every day on being a better me. It is damn hard at times, but isn’t that the point?
  • Ukulele – I bought myself one as another form of self expression and to help me with ‘unplugging’ in times of stress or uncertainty. And it has been the most beautiful therapeutic things for me
  • Marketing & CopyWriting – I want to get good at this. But, like, it changes! How beautifully horridly annoying and energising. To want to learn and get good at an area of the world that never stays the same nor sits still. So I watch, read, listen and then experiment with my own platforms. I analyse the data, talk to people and gauge their reactions, learn some more and try again. #pivotlife

Notice home some of those listed are just a bit, like, whatever?

I haven’t started a Uni course. I’m not volunteering for hours on end. I can’t dedicate hours every week to each and every pursuit, and nor do I want too.

I am just taking small little steps where I am able, to work on me.

And it really does feel good.

In his commencement speech to Stanford in 2005, Apple boss man Steve Jobs said

If I had never dropped out, I would have never dropped in on this calligraphy class, and personal computers might not have the wonderful typography that they do. Of course it was impossible to connect the dots looking forward when I was in college. But it was very, very clear looking backwards ten years later.

Steve Jobs, Stanford Commencement Speech, 2005 CLICK HERE to watch #itsprettycool

And to me, this is a perfect example of someone capably #withhindsight being able to identify where they chose to diversify their skill set and knowledge, which was then able to support them in a situation later on in life.

Only just the other week, I attempted to #perform #coughcough at a staff show with a colleague and ukulele for a bit of fun. Never once, when practising and releasing my feelings upon this tiny instrument, did I think I would perform in front of others.

And while a little terrifying, it was a hilarious and rewarding experience.
It created new conversations with people I may not have had before.
It tightened my relationship with my colleague.
And it pushed me to step outside my comfort zone and share something about my self with my workplace

Your Turn

Diversifying your skills is a liberating choice you can make at any time, that allows new experiences and opportunities in to your life.

It may get uncomfortable at times.
It may even be hard.

But oh my darling, it is so very worth it.

Comment below what you are doing to diversify and extend yourself in this beautiful world we live in.

S x