I was not a diary person.
I wish I was.
They are so pretty and customizable
And you’re always being told the power of

  • journaling
  • reflecting
  • planning

And I wanted that. I wanted to get good at the discipline of recording my thoughts and adventures in one place.

So I got all up in my #giddyup and the first time I tried, I bought a Passion Planner.

Now if you’ve never seen one, I highly recommend you check them out. Their products are beautiful, their community is tight, and they are always working on the next #thing to help your #productivity #mentalhealth #reachyourgoals

But I was #terrible at it.

What took me a long time to realise, was I was using the diary on my good days.

You know the days, the days where you’ve kicked #butt

But I wanted to use the diary as a tool for growth.

To do that, it meant I had to record and have staring back at me, those moments that were hard. Or where I #messedup. Or where I chose not to live by my values.

And that was hard.

Still is hard.

At that point, I just thought it was something I should do. So I read a heap of tips on keeping a journal and started experimenting to find what worked for me.

The year ticked over and in 2018, I bought an Erin Condren.

Less goal and reflection driven, but still a beautiful blank opportunity of,

You can tailor this to how you want

**their sticker packs are #devine!!

So I tried again. But silly as it may sound, I made a plan on how I wanted to use this product.
How I wanted it to become apart of my life.

I set myself goals of

  • a weekly driving word
    • breathe accomplishment pause achievement conscious growth
  • reflecting every month on
    • words written
    • health
    • moments of joy
    • moments of growth
    • looking forward to
  • creating to do lists / appointment reminders
  • reflective comments about my adventures

And you know what?

My diary makes me happy.

Even the moments that make me squirm. And are uncomfortable.

Because now I have data. I can see that in x month, I didn’t take myself outside and unplug enough. Or that I had too much on and stretched myself too thin.

I can see and plan for friends birthdays. Plan months ahead with reference to my partners FIFO timetable and my school weeks.

Do you keep a journal? A record of your growth?

Do you have a strategy for keeping you on you?

Comment below what works for you darlings,

Shannon x