I am the master of my fate:

I am the captain of my soul.


I like who I am

But I like who I am growing into more

Even writing this I am scrunching my nose up at how #hippydippy it sounds. But its the truth. I work on ME, every week.

Whether that be going to the gym for my physical health, talking things over for my mental health, reading books that extend my understanding of the universe or cooking new things to extend my culinary skills #ihavenone

I am always working on me

Don’t get me wrong.

I slip up, whoopsie, lose sight of my goals and slip back in to bad habits.

I’ve put in place my own form of check in’s to keep myself in line and honest.

My monthly reflections are a good way to pause and realign. My partner will call me when my behaviour is unacceptable #beingabitch.

Now my bad habits, they’ve been around a while. #thatswhytheyrehabits

And they can be summed up as…

Just moved out of home Shannon

  • had no sense of identity past being the loud one
  • was irresponsible with money
  • invested in friendships that where poisonous
  • was not a good friend at times to the people that mattered
  • did not allow myself the opportunity to grow and learn. I would instead turn to #trashytv

**Now don’t get me wrong, this wasn’t 100% of the time. But it was enough that I grimace looking back.

As opposed to when I’m working on me which looks like,

Nearly in her thirties Shannon

  • works bloody hard and loves her job
  • works just as hard on her mental and physical health #findthatbalance
  • doesn’t compromise herself for others
  • is learning to say no, or even #nottoday

Parts of me that I am working on

  • my temper or more to the point, how I manifest my temper through swearing
  • holding grudges #nothealthylady
  • my physical health or how I use #junkfood as a coping mechanism

So big question is…

How are you working on You?

Well for me, I

  • write one word reminders on my wrist to align for the day
  • read beautiful books that help me articulate my wants
  • surround myself with vibrant, curious, passionate people
  • express myself. Painting, verbally, through prose, music, #itdontmatter
  • if it will cost more energy than it’s worth; learn to say #no
  • don’t spread nor be apart of nastiness

You’re Turn

Tell me what you are working on for you?

Because after uploading this pic; I think I should add getting a tan to the list!

Comment below and let us help one another grow

Much Love Darlings

Shannon x