You could describe me as intense. Or passionate. Or relentless.

Actually many, many times, I’ve been described as all of these words.

And in the past, it would always upset me.

Twenty years of me wanting to fight those words, refute the statements that would slip through peoples teeth, whether positive or as a slight reprimand to my form of expression at any given time.

Whether it be in friendships, at work places, in teams, workshops, or my own family, I can be a lot. #thisiknow

And one part of me is ok with that. Because I like who I am.

But there are so many negative connotations that go with those words; that it makes me pause,

It makes me think of angry people, obnoxious, bull headed, rude and aggressive people.

Or is that just my own #innerdemon narrative running riot?

Whatever the case, I’ve decided to own the word


After reading this short piece,


Relentlessly loving,

Relentlessly myself,

Relentlessly compassionate,

Relentlessly brave,

Relentlessly devoted,

Relentlessly alive.

(I don’t know remember where I read it or who wrote it or else I’d tag it)

I felt lighter.

Relentlessly Me

I like to be organised.
In control.
Aware of my surroundings, the goings on, whats coming and whats been.

I will always be over prepared and dressed, no matter the situation.

Chill would not be a word to describe my view on many…. if any things.

And I’m learning to be OK with that.

So, I’m attending a conference in October with 120 other participants. I know the lady who is organising it, and twice now I have offered to create documents that will help both me and the other participants.

Because I am good at it. And I like to feel prepared.

At work, the emails or documents I send out are aligned to my personal brand. Colour coordinated, fonts aligned, kerning to die for. #relentlessly

When I do something, I do it my way. #lifesthemesong

That doesn’t mean I don’t bend.
Show respect to others where it’s deserved or be a bully

What it means is I don’t compromise me.

I live by my commandments #readaboutthemhere

And I think thats pretty damn cool.

What are you relentlessly?

Persistent? Patient? Calm? Confident? Motivated? Moving?

So, do you own that part of you?

Or do you repress it under some inane ideology that you have to be like everyone else.

Because I love you being relentlessly you.

And I want you to ensure you share that beautiful side of you with the world.

For we need you.

In all your relentless glory.

Keep doing you boo.