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I'm Shannon, a Life Coach for people with Untapped Creative Souls

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What are you doing with your moments in between heartbeats?
Those moments when the magic happens.

How we can work together

Set My Soul on Fire

Re-ignite your passions with this 6 session Series dedicated to your creativity. Whether baking, painting, self expression or crafts, lets set your creative soul of fire. 

I am the Hero

Sick of being in the passenger seat of your own life? Not sure on how to regain control? This narrative inspired Heroes Journey allows you to determine your purpose and be the hero you are meant to be. 

Time to Level Up

Feel like you’ve been wading in the same pool for a while? Ready to head out in to the deep end and push your abilities and force yourself to Level Up? Well you’ve come to the right place. 

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Ready to unleash your Inner Bohemain?

Are you in love with holiday you? Or you from your 20’s? The you who was a disruptor and didn’t allow anyone to hold them back? 

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