• How to Write SMART Goals that Stick

    This is your year. Your month. Moment. Your time to shine. You’ve decided to finally put pen to paper and write down some of those scary goals that’ve been rattling around the old noodle for the last #muchtoolong
    But you’ve tried writing down your goals before, or goal setting, or whatever it all bloody is, and it didn’t work. #beenthere
    So what makes smart goals?

    You’ve got goals, you always have had them.
    Don’t we all? Goals size / shape / manoeuvrability change person to person, but they’re there, whether written in coloured gel pen and stuck to your fridge or not. #youknowminearealsoglittery

    So I did some research, asked some people, and for the past couple years have been employing this method and would you believe it, but #hotdamn I’m ticking off goals left, right and centre.

    Yours could be super easy to say and remember right?
    Get Rich. Get Skinny. Have an Amazing Partner. Boss AF Life.
    Maybe not so easy to achieve, but they’re goals right, props on starting somewhere.

    But like….
    Are they actual goals? Or just things you say in December / January then completely forget about by April.

    Are yours super general? Broken down with military precision? Have you really stopped and thought about what makes a successful goal?

    How do YOU make it work for you

    Start Small. Write Down Your Goals

    Now please. Off you go. Grab a notebook if you’re a #peoplepleaser or a post it note if you’ve got no idea.
    Just give it a crack though. Write down your goals.
    Couple prime idea starters include
    Wealth Health Family Friends Career Passions
    Or if you’re really stuck, head on over to my post on How To Write & Stick to Achievable Goals CLICK HERE

    Great, you’ve got your goals…. now what do I mean about SMART goals?

    What are SMART Goals?

    I first discovered the idea of SMART goals while working in the Australian education system. We used them to initially support students with special needs to break down their big goals into incremental and more achievable goals that we could align evidence and support to. #bitclinicalright
    Around this time was when I was realising that I was a bit #poo at this whole achieving my goals thing. Great at writing and articulating them #orsoithought but terrible at the actual execution.

    Break it Down for Me

    Makes sense right? Be as specific as possible, and not all wishywashy. Not sure what I mean, well what about… Lose Weight vs Lose 15 kgs

    How will you measure your success? I mean losing the 15kgs would be amazing? But also, making your healthy lifestyle choices a sustainable choice is super different to shredding for two months then it all coming back in the next two months as you haven’t embedded sustainable and measurable practice. Going to the gym three times a week and packing your lunch every day = measurable.

    Can you go to the gym three times a week? Or would twice be better, and walking the dog another time be best? Have you said you’ll lose the 15kgs in a month? Or given yourself an achievable time frame. #spendthetimetothinkonit

    You’re dedicating all of this time to losing weight. But what in your life are you setting aside, or modifying to support you on this journey? Are you giving up TV to use that time to go to the gym? Have you told your mate to stop bringing you a jam donut every Friday for morning tea? Are you being realistic with your own capabilities?

    T – TIMELY
    When do you think you can achieve your goal by? Too big? Do you need to break it down into smaller, more achieveable timely chunks? Weekly or monthly check ins? Do you need a #goalsbuddy where you support one another to succeed? With out a time bound clause, your goal is nothing more then wishful thinking.

    How to convert to SMART Goal writing

    Lets use an example of one of my #og goals to put through the SMART paces.
    Original Goal – BUY A HOUSE


    S – Well my end goal was to buy a house, but to do that I needed a few things first. To know what I wanted in terms of size, bedrooms, location, who where good builders, if I was eligible for government subsidies etc. I needed a deposit. I needed a stable job that would assure my income. By thinking it over and considering my options, I decided to change my original goal to SAVE FOR A DEPOSIT as it was more specific and the others could be worked in to supporting this one.


    M – Now that I had my more specific goal, I was able to make it measurable. I broke down how much I made a fortnight, researched what the market value of what I wanted was, budgeted out compulsory payments like rent and electricity, made allowances for the #funstuff and then told myself I would have a deposit saved by x time in the future. I created two monthly checkins and ensured I planned for little #wins for myself whenever I reached them. 25% of my deposit was a night at the movies, 50% of my deposit was getting my nails done. Small; but #worthit


    A – I made sure I was really honest with myself about my strengths and weaknesses around this goal. I have struggled to budget in the past, so looked at my strengths and identified that I was #stillam super competitive. So I downloaded an app that I set the notifications on for and monitored my spending every month to make sure I was meeting my targets. I made it attainable by working to my strengths and personalising the process.


    R – I knew my desire to live in my own house, and not one I was paying rent to others was higher then my desire to have a super massive deposit. I knew I did not have the option of outside assistance such as parent donations nor guarantors. So when setting my measurable time line, I added three months. Both for a #realitycheck and so that this process didn’t completely take over my life.


    T – I had my hopeful end date. And I had my theoretical dates for those goals that came after save for a deposit. These where not as hard and fast, as just because I wanted to find my perfect piece of land, doesn’t mean the universe was going to supply. But by having these time bound markers, they helped me stay on track, accountable and with my end in sight.

    You Do You Now
    But… SMART

    Look at your goals
    Turn them SMART
    Easy as that
    In doing this process, you might face some uncomfortable truths that some of your goals are hard. Or that maybe they don’t fill you with #glitterybutterflies like they once did.
    You’re talking to someone who a year ago would have jumped at any opportunity at a career progression. Yet right now, is looking the other way and instead focusing on making her/me a bloody strong and amazing individual that isn’t defined by her job title. This is a goal that was only recently redefined, and once done, #glitterybutterflies returned.

    You do you. Make you happy. Work on your growth.
    And if you come up with any super #amazeballs goals that you would like to share, pop them in the comments below.
    Lets help one another to rise with our amazing goals and dedication to self improvement.

    Happy Days Bohemians,
    Shannon x

  • 3 Small Couple Goals You Can Start Today

    Let me start off with….
    This is a journey. An adventure. A rollercoaster. A dance. Hell sometimes it’s a rumble.
    And we are all in. Constantly learning.
    And in some cases, that means making mistakes, pivoting and learning from them too.
    I’m not perfect. He certainly isn’t. But we are doing some pretty cool things you might not have thought of, so let me share. #yearsoflearning #moreyearstocome

    Here I am writing a post about making couple goals, when only the other day, I let my own goals, blindside me to my partner, which started a #humdinger of a …….. conversation

    I sent him a screenshot of a website I wanted us to use, to take an enneagram test. If you don’t know what they are, #great, cause my post on them will be up about them soon.
    And I was all, this is a great opportunity to get an outsider look into ourselves and our relationship, so we can then start great dialogue #blahblah #wankywank have a laugh, compare results #yadayada

    Him being the him that he is, checked out the website, which also promised to heal your chakras, mend your relationships, and cleanse your soul…. which then maybe made him lose his na na.
    Like, how could you be so silly kind of tangent. #ugh #hindsighticanseeit #butatthetime

    And I laughed.

    Because while that may be my jam. It isn’t his. And in his mind, here was Shannon, dancing off, spending our hard earned money on #voodoo to tell us essentially horoscope fortunes #itisn’t #itdoesn’t #waybetterthanthis

    The point I am making is.

    I was blinded by my goal of making us better communicators. That I forgot to communicate properly. #facepalm

    Action You Can Start Right Now

    Share Your Personal Goals. Ask Them About Theirs. Now Make Some Together.

    Might have noticed. Big goal setter here. Like, write them down, don’t move them from the fridge except for your quarterly check in, kinda goal setter. #notcrazy #mymotherhadmetested
    And when we first met, my partner was not. Like not even a little bit, too cool, go with the flow Mr he was.
    But after six years. #worehimdown
    I have my goals.
    And he has his own goals.
    We have couple goals. And it is damn nice.
    And our goals aren’t those #savemoney cheapo goals that you could find on a bumper sticker.
    They are SMARTAR goals. And even saying that aloud makes me all #smarmy and #we’rewinning
    Because it took a lot of conversations. But it was and is worth it. Because when things come up, whether opportunities, events or whatever, we can have a conversation as to whether the x y z will help us reach our personal or joint goals.
    Start the conversation. Ask your bae, what are their goals. You may just be surprised.

    Acknowledge When They Win. But Acknowledge Your Wins Too

    Bit of a motivator. Like a whoo girl, but, like, better. #howtosayimclevernicely…
    And so when I see B win, I am all over it. Hell some days it’s remembering to take the trash out, I will high five him. Other days it is him besting his deadlift PB. Or learning a new thing at work. And you know why I know these things?
    Because I am invested, I care, and I ask. #effort #putintheeffort
    And what I didn’t realise, was if I didn’t tell B; he presumed it wasn’t important and so wouldn’t ‘pry.’
    Now this took me years to realise. #slowlearner
    I didn’t used to #noreally like tooting my own horn and saying when I had had a win. But for B, at the time, that would be the only way he would learn of it. Because in his world, if it was important to me, I should share it with him. And not wait around hoping he may ask me. #makessenseiguess
    Tell your partner when you have a win. Sometimes you may have to explain why it is a win. That’s cool. The more background, the more information, and the more they see how amazing your win is. Just make sure you invest the same back into them. Be their #whooperson

    Tell Them What You Are Grateful For About Them

    We saw this in a movie when we first started dating. And #boyohboy am I thankful for it. Because it started as a game. Before going to sleep, say a couple nice things to one another.
    Like not lots, or every night #calmdown
    But, enough. Then we’d forget and the world would keep worlding, and suddenly something would happen, and one of us would start “You know I’m grateful for how you….”
    And it’s nice. It’s easy. Sometimes they’d be funny, or physical, or actions, or little/big things.
    But my golly no matter what, does it hit you in the feels and keep you #rosiecheeked for days.
    Tell your partner what you are grateful for about them. Don’t drop it on them and expect then can rattle off five things about you in return with no warning #beenthere #doesn’twork
    Give them prep time. Give them wait time. Tell them its important. Then share the love.

    Take it slow cowboy

    3 small things you could do today with your partner.
    Easy enough.
    The thing is though, you need to be conscious to do them. Don’t just smack your partner around the head with a ‘I’m grateful for how you x y z,’ and expect them to articulate all the wonderful reasons why they love you back in the next handful of seconds. Don’t set them up for failure. #dontbethatguy
    Hell, your partner might even wonder where this #flimflammery came from. Talk to them.
    Small, conscious, steps. Made together. These are the things that make a big difference.
    Good Luck

    Got a couple, better, smaller, more achievable goals couples can make together? Post them below and share the love darlings!